2022 Europeans cancelled

Geplaatst op 16-07-2022  -  Categorie: Fareast EK 2022

Dear Fareast 28R sailors,

Yesterday,  the 14th of July, should have been our final kick-off day for the 2022 Fareast 28R European Championships.
Providing that we had enough momentum to garantuee a beautiful event. In other words: enough entries.
Unfortunately, despite our efforts and those of the Fareast 28R Class Association and dealer network, the entry numbers remained too low and therefore we are forced to cancel the event.

Obviously, all teams that have registered and payed will be refunded. But... they are still very welcome to join the Dutch Fareast 28R's and 6 other classes at the Enkhuizen Sportboatcup on 10 and 11 September! And those teams who were still considering are just as welcome!
The Enkhuizen Sportboatcup has attracted up to 60 boats in the last few years and combines high level racing with a laid-back shore program and affordable entry fees.logo-2022

So all is not lost! Sign up on www.sportboatcup.nl